Restaurant Week in Amsterdam

Posted: March 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Three courses, 25 euros. Twice a year, The Netherlands, in all its frugal glory, shows off its culinary talent with inexpensive meals at otherwise spendy restaurants. The creme de la horeca like The Grand Restaurant or Christophe become fully-booked in the blink of an eye. After that it’s a gamble.

We were lucky and found one gem called Bond, in Oud Zuid. The braised veal with carmelized onions, potatoes, and spinach was as elegant as the lampshades and gilded mirrors. Their cod fish was also delectable. While we’d go back to Bond again, La Scarpetta near the Jordaan is another story entirely.

For the cost of simple pasta, the portions at the Italian restaurant were insultingly small. During a great event like restaurant week, they are completely missing out on the opportunity to gain new customers by obviously cutting corners in terms of quality and ingredients. However, the staff was kind and accommodating. At the very least, that delicious and well-presented chocolate mousse/souffle dessert far outshone the plain vegetable and prosciutto starter with the tiny (albeit tasty) meat and mushroom penne dish that I could have made in my own kitchen for a fraction of 25 euros.

The Restaurant Week crap shoot continues tomorrow, when I join my flat mate Anna for a Supperclub dinner cruise. Will we be pleasantly surprised or get seasick instead?


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