Minister retracts ‘sick making’ PVV comments and apologises

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Politics
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Online Thursday 24 February 2011 on this DutchNews link

Junior farm minister Henk Bleker on Thursday backtracked on stinging criticism he made of the anti-Islam PVV at a campaign meeting on Wednesday night.

At the meeting, the minister reportedly said he wanted nothing to do with the PVV, which has an alliance with the ruling minority CDA and VVD government.

Bleker, a CDA politican, said on Thursday he should have made it clear it is only some of the PVV’s standpoints which he objects to.


During Wednesday’s meeting, Bleker was quoted as saying the PVV’s call for a ban on Muslim headscarves make him feel sick and that party leader Geert Wilders’ suggestion that anti-social families be placed in special ‘scum villages’ was against all forms of decency.

According to Nos television, Bleker has also apologised personally to Wilders at the behest of CDA leader Maxime Verhagen.


Meanwhile, the Telegraaf reports that the website, part of the VARA broadcasting organisation, has removed a controversial anti-Wilders cartoon from its website.

The broadcaster made the decision because several of its staff have been seriously threatened, the paper said. The police are involved.

The cartoon likens Wilders’ plan for ‘scum villages’ to Nazi death camps.



  1. Rex Vaughan says:

    Larae, the headscarves issue seems to pop up everywhere these days but is generally not an issue. One sign of the times – we went to our 10 year-old grandson’s basketball game a few weeks ago and the other team had 2 small girls on it – obviously sisters and both in headscarves. No one was the least bothered and this is Deep South USA.

    • lapsus linguae says:

      Rex, well said. I am not sure why the issue is becoming so electric in the Netherlands, land of tolerance and mixing of cultures. How cool that those girls are playing basketball! I’m thinking that over here, the general “foreign” population is rising in a very small country–about the size of the state of Maryland but with 17 million people. There is undeniable racial tension in neighborhoods here, sparked by my estimation by media hype but also by decades of neglecting issues of integration and growth, when Islamic people started immigrating here as laborers. Now the troubles are coming home to roost. Meanwhile marijuana dispensaries in the US are about to become more common than hash bars in Holland! How the tables have turned!

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