New to Amsterdam?

You might have been on an ISN city tour recently, or you are new to Amsterdam and want to find the best way to save money while living here. First, check out Amsterdamsel’s FAQs and Tips link by clicking here, which has lots of of advice on free things to do in Amsterdam, its markets for food cheaper than the Albert Heijn grocery store you see in the center, and more.

You might want to reconnect with your ISN Amsterdamsel guide: Larae, Miguel, Diego, Arjen, Terry, Fiza, Gerwin, Paulina, Henk, Eric, Audrey, Michael, Sean, or Bas. Just write to to get in touch with any of us. We’re here to help!

Have  more questions about where to find the best deal on a bike? Or which coffeeshops are better than others? Then, please use  the comments section at the bottom of this page to write and post a question, and we’ll get back to you with Answers.

Meanwhile, below are links to some basic Amsterdam Survival tips, and please check back with much more links in the coming days:

Bikes. Where are the best deals for second hand bicycles? The cheapest legal bike you can buy is with ASVA, which meets once a week at the Student Information Centrum to sell 55 euro bikes. Click here for more details. Otherwise, try the Waterlooplein flea market, where there are 2-3 stalls that sell bikes from 80 euros and up, and see their website by clicking here.

Shops will sell bikes for under 1oo euros, but with a lock, you can expect to pay 120-150 euros for a 2nd hand bike with locks. Some shops I recommend, honest and with good guarantees, are Groeno Tweewielers on 2de Hugo de Grootstraat  and the bike shop next to the Albert Heijn on Wibautstraat just outside the Wibautstraat metro entrance. Will fill in its name shortly! There are also good shops along the Kinkerstraat to the west of the city centre. The cheapest place perhaps to buy bike locks is at the Waterlooplein market, and there are 2-3 bike sellers there who also do affordable bike repairs.

Finally, try finding your bike online. Here are the bicycle sale sites for and (if you know Dutch); they can be helpful and often have bike offers for under 50 euros.

Food Shopping. Ah, Albert Heijn. It’s the most convenient grocery store with good quality food, and sometimes a deal if you use their Bonuskaart (bonus card) offered in the store and buy generic EuroShopper brands. But you can shop cheaper. Behind the Heineken Brewery is the supermarket Dirk van den Broek, with room in the aisles to breathe, cheaper food, a good frozen section, but no fish or meat for sale.  I have found the costs 30% cheaper than Albert Heijn. Still cheaper, and quality will recede here, is the no-frills bargain grocer Lidl, with many locations shown here on this Google maps link. I like the one near the Albert Cuypstraat.

Speaking of Albert Cuyp, check out the excellent and affordable market on this street, as well as the Dappermarkt and Noordermarkt. More information about outdoor market shopping in Amsterdam can be found by clicking here. I prefer the Dappermarkt, which has my favourite fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, and stores along Dapperstraat that sell more exotic Asian, African, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern ingredients.

Transportation. Maybe you need to use the bus, tram, metro, and train instead of a bike? You might already have the OV-chipkaart, which is your ticket to these forms of public transportation. But click here to read about getting a kortingscard, or a discount card. For about 50 euros a year, you can get a 40% discount on public transportation. Or, go to Centraal Station to speak to agents at the (GVB for bus, tram, metro or NS for trains) ticket office for advice.

  1. Arjen says:

    thanks guys it was fun to show you my city, have a great time in Amsterdam

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