Great Rail Journeys in Amsterdam

Hi, I’m Larae, your local guide in Amsterdam. This page is intended to assist and prepare you for your walking tour here. It’s for professional use only, aimed at assisting you in what to expect and what to relay to your guests. I have been leading your walking tours in Amsterdam since 2011, and enjoy you tour managers and your guests very much!


Please contact your guide 48 hours before the tour to finalise the details by email if needed. If not me, then I will respond with those details. If me, then my email is:; phone: +31625161727; and Skype: laraemarie

Train Information

In most cases, you are coming from Delft and are advised to board the 09:20 train to arrive Amsterdam Centraal Station (around 0:58 minutes). When in doubt about delays or construction, refer to the national rail website available in English: 

I have two tips!

1. Start the tour earlier and with an earlier train. It gives guests a more time in town, which I notice they do want judging by their comments over the years. will show the 08:54 train arrives at 09:55; or you can stick with the advised 09:24 train arriving 10:25. (Those were the times in 2017 so check for latest changes). Both trains have no changes and are therefore direct.

2. About 15-20 minutes before arrival, inform your group to use the on-board public loos. There are arrows in each car above windows pointing in the direction of the nearest WC. There isn’t one in each car, but they are free and clean and will save time so that we may begin our tour right away. Otherwise, there is a WC on platform 2 (Spoor 2) and it costs €0,50.

At Amsterdam Centraal Station

Please descend from your platform via any stairs, escalator, or lift and make your way toward the front of the station (direction Spoor 1). You can exit using any doors. These days there are two main halls lined with shops/food stalls and it won’t matter which you are in to exit.

Meetint Point

Please meet me or your guide just in front under the letters “Centraal Station”:

centraal station


Point out to the group the large white Centraal Station sign or a long blue Tram B sign. There’s a canopy near Tram B sign in case it is raining. This is a good place to have your group meet you at the end of the day.

Tour Synopsis

This is a gently paced but lively walking tour. I walk briefly through the Red Light District (the most historic neighbourhood and oldest) to the stock exchange, Dam Square, the Begijnhof, and end at the flower market.If the group so desires, we can pause halfway for coffee/comfort. During the break you can dash into a hotel or two for free maps. In total this takes around 2.5 hours (with the break) but depending on the pace of your group. If they are faster, then it is often nice to add the Nieuwmarkt, Rembrandthuis (Rembrandt’s residence), Waterlooplein flea market, Blue Bridge, Skinny Bridge, and Rembrandtsquare, but this adds another hour — which we almost never do.

Weather will also dictate how much we do. I also show ideas for free time and good food along the way!

Distances and Directions (please print for your reference, or print and relay to your guests):

This is a very walkable old city centre, but guests can take a tram to get to some of the most visited sights. Conductors sell tickets both at the front and middle of each tram: €2,90 for a single journey purchased from conductors inside the tram or €7,50 for a day ticket. No exact change required.

* Dam Square to Centraal Station: 12 minutes on foot; Tram 4, 9, 16, 24 one stop

*Flower Market to Centraal Station: 20 minutes on foot; Tram 4, 9, 16, 24 two stops

* Dam Square to Rijksmuseum/Van Gogh Museum: 25-30 min on foot; Tram 2 or 5 from BEHIND Royal Palace to Stop: Hobbemastraat

*Flower Market to Rijksmuseum/Van Gogh Museum: 20-25 minutes on foot: Tram 2 or 5 from the other side of the flower market to Stop: Hobbemastraat (for Rijks) and Stop: Hobbemastraat or Van Baerlestraat (van Gogh)

* Dam Square to Anne Frank Huis: 10 min on foot west behind Royal Palace; Tram 14 or Tram 17 (behind Royal Palace) to Stop: Westermarkt

*Flower Market to Anne Frank Huis: 20 min on foot; Tram 14 from flower market to Stop: Westermarkt

*Dam Square to Heineken Brewery museum: 25 min on foot; Trams 16 or 24 to Stop: Stadhouderskade (Ferdinand Bolstraat)

*Flower Market to Heineken Brewery museum: 20 min on foot; Trams 16 or 24 to Stop: Stadhouderskade (Ferdinand Bolstraat)

Optional Excursions

Amsterdam Canal Cruise. You can offer a one-hour canal cruise beginning directly after our walking tour or after lunch. The company I use charges €7 per person, but you receive a commission and charge €10–which is cheaper than the €11 posted on their window, and cheaper than other canal companies charging €15 + for the same thing. Even if fewer than 20 sign up, this company will accept the group rate for us. If it is a very tiny minority, then we simply can direct them to the boats to pay for and enjoy the cruise on their own. If you do receive large interest, I can pick up tickets in advance after the walk while they (and you) are getting lunch at the places I point out after the walk (Albert Heijn, Marks and Spencer, HEMA, La Place, etc).

Delft Walking Tour. We can arrange a 1-1.5 hour historic walking tour of Delft, orienting them to the market square, old and new churches (which house famous Dutch artists like Vermeer and the Dutch monarchy), explain the assassination of William the Silent exactly where the crime took place in the 16th century (you can still see the bullet hole in the wall), and follow the footsteps of Johannes Vermeer. Cost: €14 per person, minimum 12 pax needed to run. To see the grave of Johannes Vermeer, upgrade this tour to enter the Old and New Churches for €4 more per person. Offer either option/price as you see fit (both churches closed Sunday to visitors). Commission offered.

Rotterdam Coach Tour. Time may be limited while in transit in Rotterdam, but a one hour (step-on) coach tour reveals the old harbour, historic Maas River waterfront, history of the WWII blitz of May 1940, the cube houses, famous Hotel New York, the first skyscraper in the Netherlands, the Erasmus Bridge, wild modern architecture, and other highlights of this surprisingly stunning city. Cost: €10 per person, minimum 12 pax needed to run. Commission offered.


I’m on TripAdvisor and every review helps when running a local business. You might even have a few TripAdvisor members on board! Here’s the link:


Often we can bring about 10 maps along if you notify guides in advance, but so that every couple has a map, step into the Swisshotel and the Krasnapolsky both on Dam Square and we can scramble about 5-10 maps from each concierge. 🙂

Amsterdam simple map