The Jewish Amsterdam Tour

The Jewish Quarter, WWII and More

Synopsis: Welcome to Little Jerusalem. Visit the old Jewish neighbourhood, where many flocked centuries before WWII to escape persecution in other European countries. We explore the areas where the first Sephardic (Spanish/Middle Eastern) andAshkenazic (German/Eastern European) Jews migrated in the 16th century. This tour reveals how this once thriving community lost over 70% of its population to the Holocaust, eclipsing certain fortune and integration for Dutch Jews. We then uncover the underground operations of the Dutch resistance through monuments dedicated to the victims and the heroes.
Entrance included to the Portuguese Synagogue and the Hollandse Schouwberg memorial.

Areas and Sights:  Old Jewish Quarter, Hollandse Schouwberg memorial, Auschwitz memorial, Portuguese Synagogue, De Castro Pharmacy, Plantage Neighbourhood, Jewish Historic Museum, and more.


€175 from one to five people
€40 each additional person
Discounts available for children under 12 and groups of 10 or more
Upgrades available: 

The Holocaust and WWII Tour is available by bike, electric open air tuk tuk, private van, and private luxury coach (from eight to 50 people). This can shorten the tour length and be handy for those with mobility issues. Inquire for pricing.

Language: English. Please contact two weeks in advance for options in Hebrew, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, or Spanish for parties of 5 or more. I’ve got a team of excellent multilingual guides for you.

Planning: We suggest you visit the inside of the Anne Frank Huis before or after the tour. Allow 1 to 1.5 hours for your visit once  you enter, and be aware of possible queues outside the building if you are unable to make a reservation. Click here to skip the waiting and arrange an online reservation. Warning: online bookings fill up very fast so schedule yours today!

More on the Subject: The small but interesting Dutch Resistence Museum is open until 17:00 should you wish to visit. It discusses in detail the nature of resistance forces against the Nazi occupation and deportation of the country’s Jews.

Nazi forces march into Amsterdam. The Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany for five years, from May 1940 until May 1945.